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Why Use MUTUS?

Empower your fitness journey with MUTUS for FREE! Our all-in-one mobile app enables you to curate tailored workout routines and personalized nutrition plans based on your age, gender, weight, and height. Whether you're striving to lose or gain weight, or conquer weightlifting goals, MUTUS stands by your side as the ultimate fitness companion, guiding you towards triumph. Best of all, MUTUS is completely free! You can enjoy all these amazing features without any costs or subscriptions. Download now and unleash your potential with MUTUS: Elevate Your Fitness Journey.

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Personalized Routines

Revolutionize your workout experience through MUTUS. Our app harnesses your individual data to craft workout routines that perfectly align with your profile, ensuring each exercise takes you closer to your aspirations.


Custom Nutrition Plans

Fuel your ambition with MUTUS's exclusive nutrition plans. Customize your dietary preferences and objectives, and let our app design a delectable meal plan that synchronizes with your fitness voyage.


Goal-Oriented Approach

Whether your vision involves weight loss, muscle gain, or weightlifting mastery, MUTUS paves the way. Define your goals, and let our app's expert guidance and monitoring steer you towards triumph.

Progress Tracking

Stay inspired by tracing your triumphs with MUTUS. Comprehensive insights into your advancement keep you inspired and dedicated to your goals like never before.


Real Stories, Real Results

Discover how MUTUS has transformed lives and propelled fitness journeys to new heights.

With MUTUS' tracking, routines and nutrition plans, I managed to have more organization in my fitness life. It's easier to open the app and see what I have to do for the day than to think about what I'm going to do today. It has helped me be more consistent and achieve my goals.

Dominican Republic

As a beginning in the gym, Mutus has been an excellent practical tool to implement training routines, from easy to advanced levels. Thanks to Mutus and its system of routines I have been able to have other benefits apart from the muscular ones, such as: productive habits and learning about nutrition. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Mutus application due to its easy use and the different functionalities that it provides.


After a few years going to the gym, i viewed no progress at all, but after installing mutus, i saw clearly where i am going with the routines that the app gave to me and some customization due to the experience, now i am keeping the rhythm and seeing the little progress that i couldn't see before with the app.

Dominican Republic

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Unleash Your Potential with MUTUS: Elevate Your Fitness Journey
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